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Our nature remains to be a private pool of investors into encripted currencies offering to each member the chance to be part of the projects on first line of market realization and capitalization as well. Each project is its own corporation and our pool may be or not become the coin administrator, if by mutual agreement this pool transforming into a registered business to accept such revenue, filing and responsability (third income stream beside mining and trading). The priviledge of invitation is based on the fact that we are next to its principal strategist and inventor but wish not to do more but making you aware of opportunities and possible involvement. Being member of our pool does not include being member on everything but you well may become. 

Trade and Mining Investment activities. Join!

Our goal for the year July/2017 until July/2018 is set to 320% on the base of actual results and which we are sharing on equal base. Multi Chanel mining, trading, saving and service delivering the income stream. Please ask for protocol via contact format.  Minimum amount to become a pool member is 20k Euro. Maximum amount 400k daily. Cash investors welcome.


TRADE COIN the global coin for everything related to commerce from international commodity deals down to machines selling bread. A blockchain product based on commercial platform MILA, community, users, fully convertable, asset backed and fully adaptable with all existing platforms. Cuts down costs, time, bureaucracy, reduces banking charges and insurance to the bottom, creates wide spread of transactions and distribution of opportunities. You trade with the TRADE COIN and you expose your offer and demand on MILA and all subsequent platforms joining automatically without having to install new accounts.

TRADE COIN is decentralised banking where you are the bank. Initial stock and reserve 50 b TRAD, scalable, divisible and fully backed by hard and soft assets during the first 3 years. TRAD sale starts with 0,333 EURO soon


Welcome to the world of futbol with a fully convertible coin dedicated to futbol, fans, players, training, games, tickets, merchandising, travel to games, world data of players, new comers and all the joy related to the world of the ball. CHAMPION COIN can be used for everything and everywhere since it converts. World famous football players have been invited to join the project (read press news when confirmed) under the condition to spend part of the benefits to the sport education of kids all around the world. CHAMPION COIN is suitable for all types of sport competition or alternative use, ie regular saving and spending. Go for it with us, if you see the potential. First capital round by coin sales will be published soon. Don´t miss the chance on this neither.



The first coin created for a state government and its community of residents and linked to all administrative public data of that specific state. Fully convertible it got its chance of massive use and circulation by the advantages derived from public saving, re inforces the regional proud and community sense, pay taxes by itself without disturbing the privacy of citizens and eliminates therfor a important amount of resources and money spending on behalf of a state administration and its subsequent municipal administrations. At this stage of development we are not allowed to reveal the name but can and will expand the "package" to further governments as they are ready and willing to use the blockchain possibilities of reducing costs, regaining sovereign control over finance and taxes and, if necessary, to disconnect from any hostile international money and value policies.

Mining & Server & global service to blockchain projects: Q-0.1

Q-0.1, the hardware and full servers function appointing straight into the next generation of processing power close to quantum computing and quantum security. Location North Spain, the next big node of mining and data serving fused with sustainable energy of its last generation.  Starts with 250.000 miners capacity, all algorythms, sufficient servers power to shelter amazon, facebook, ebay Europe all in the same place and scalable until energy supply limit. We produce our own energy! Probably the most boring project for public general, but in fact the most beneficial, stable and highly demanded in the sense of industrial supply. First fase start with 50 m Euro capital, all potential clients are already in place.


LIFE COIN is dedicated to human Life such as longevity, deadly desease fight, essential food and water supply, etc. Use and circulation of this convertible coin will produce the needed changes in the fields of science, pharma and therapists and shift them into the high speed lane of sharing and decentralization vs an old world crashing under its own protocols, patent speculations and lobby constructs. The background of the coin is a  "knowhow, data, joint venture, research funding and public involvement platform" with the same name and might be expanded to other life issues arising from biology, physics and preservation. If you think this is important as much as it might be beneficial to the individual and the human collective join the project as early investor together with us.

All investment projects mentioned are "close by" projects" originated in the same mind of the same strategist. All further projects are third parties / individuals with proven and trusted capacity of the most important part of a project: RUNNING IT IN REAL LIFE. This including projects already up and running in beta or even consolidated within the most important prove there ever was: users acceptance and simplicity to scale sky high.