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Get involved.

We are a private pool of people investing and forming part of strategic IT developments. To become member you must do the same and please excuse we are not printing in public the profits we generate nor the strategic projects and changes in the deep data world to come.



De naturaleza privada somos una peña de gentes invirtiendo y formando parte de desarollos IT estratégicos. Para formar parte debe hacer lo mismo y ante nada disculpar porque no publicamos los beneficios generados ni tampoco los proyectos y cambios estratégicos saliendo de la profundidad del data mundo.



Wir sind eine private Gruppierung von Leuten die investieren und andererseits an strategischen IT Entwicklungen teilnehmen. Um hier Mitglied zu werden muessen Sie genau das Gleiche tun und uns vor allem entschuldigen, dass wir hier keine Profite noch heisse strategische Entwicklungen und daraus folgende Veraenderung bekanntgeben.

Typ 1

You are a knowledgeable member and do understand the amazing development of the crypto currency world. You know also its risk, its complexity and its difficulties and therefor you apreciate our pool management guiding with lots of knowledge on both worlds. You have our full respect because without such faith and logic the entire IT branch would not exist!


You are beyond any need of explanation and already a user of data coins. You understand our content on the spot asking yourself already if it is worth joining. Off course it is because there is a difference if you mine on individual budget or as part of a mayor player.

Same with transaction fees added by a chance of possible default. Finally you may enjoy coming close because we have a ton of very efficient blockchain developments around and that is, without any doubt, the next big IT industry by itself. Let there be understood that blockchain is just one of very important parts.


You are coming from the world of nature science and / or technology. You are sharing our visions and you would like to be involved as well in the pool management first line. Our answer "as more eyes watching as....."

Should you come from side of ideology we well share that good part of decentralized governance and fair distribution of purchase power.