Crypto Trustee is a functional pool of  Associates, including engineering, economics, finance and business advisors with plenty of Government, Bank, Industry and International Commerce references. Anybody can become associate with our group of professionals associated after a KYC protocol not different to those of banks.


We play a unique role in this new world of blockchain application since we have been involved into it since the first tech discussions of blockchain itself in the 80s and assisted a long list of IT projects, green energy and electronic commerce incld.

As a matter of economic or financial concern we always knew that decentralization in vast proportion will lead to a new boost of prosperity and equality, facilitating complexity management of an ever growing human population. Our expertise in economy, finance, commerce, industry and regulations and also our experience in the day-to-day business life like any other sweating and hard working person is separating us from the "theory only".


And we do have many plans and many projects! Our pool or association is Open End and each new member is bringing new projects, suggestions or support in an ever disrupting and self renewing wheel of participation. 


Experience and passionate. That's who we are.

Based in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona  SPAIN, a venture 100% online while all essential structures such as servers, execution platforms, communication details, accounts are kept away from regular internet traffic for reasons of security and cost efficiency


Tel +34 644 422 438



Horst Ludwig

Responsable legal / legal responsible

Avd. Cortes Valencianas 58, 5th, VALENCIA


                                             THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!