What we do / Que hacemos

Mining Pool

private mining & wealth pool fusions in crypto currencies


Encrypted Data Management

wallets, accounts, hard ware, accounting, recovery, strategies, 24/7 vigilance



customized software/hardware engineering for your needs


Crypto conversions

guideline multi channel conversion between crypto and regular currencies at any time, cash or online or swaps

Tax and legal informations

All continents, research and updates



Trustee Functions

your legal administrative representative and executive arm for buying, selling, keeping, engineering and protection. Members only!



Bank & Government Consultancy

Adopting the crypto currency technology to present regulations and national markets is one of the most complex jobs we offer.

Cosas relevantes crypto mundo

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We Invest

Understanding and managing the new world of decentralized data structures for us and our pool members.

We invest ourselves into crypto and projects and if you want to be part of it please contact.

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Our Promise

Security, efficiency, discretion, controlled risk watch of banking and investment from both sides, technology and economics. We ARE banking of tomorrow same way as you while joining. Read: Decentralization in a Centralized environment

Become a pool member and gain with us pretty much safe 3 digit percentages per year. Our mining and trading strategy tops with ICO projects and diversification but also with smart exit strategies. Click on foto to enter.

Our Philosophy

Sharing is gaining more with less risk and at a higher speed. The decentralization of everything in an ever growing complex society is a result of logic and a true step into a participative society. Read: Economic boost on behalf of crypto currencies.

Without doubt you will see Bitcoin ETH, DASH, MONERO, Litecoin, etc reaching for the stars again and as more all types of blockchain based projects are pulling into the market as stronger it does get. If you ever thought the secret is because of speculative gamblers like in Forex or SE you couldn´t be more wrong. You witness IT 0.3 right now!